If you are a pet owner, you understand the difficulty of travelling and having to leave your pets behind. It’s even harder when there is no family member or friend to check in on your beloved pet. In this case, dropping your animals off at a pet boarding facility is a viable option. This way, you ensure your pets are safe and sound while you are away..

Our Pet Boarding Service

Simply put, we are animal lovers. Therefore, passion and care for animals come naturally to us, and our team works hard to provide a loving home for every pet at our facility. To this end, our pet boarding service includes:

  • Administering food and water
  • Providing treats and toys
  • Indoor and outdoor exercise activities
  • Regular walks for dogs
  • Pet pickup and delivery options
  • Administering medication
  • Sterilizing and scooping litter boxes
  • Catering to every pet’s individual needs

In addition, we continuously send you updates about your pets, so you know they are in good hands. We can call you or send you videos and photos of your pets to keep you in the loop about how they are doing.

FAQ’s about Pet Boarding

We charge our customers for our boarding service depending on how many nights your pet stays with us. We also offer a 10% discount for pets staying for 21+ nights.
Pets at our facility stay in separate areas. We do not put the animals in kennels overnight because they are too restrictive. Moreover, we allow pet families to stay with each other. So if you’re dropping off more than one animal, your pets can all stay in the same area overnight, so that they are as comfortable as possible.
Yes. A member of our team is always by your pet's side. We make sure the animals are constantly within sight simply to make sure they’re taken care of at all times.
If your pet has special needs, you can pack their food, medication, and their favorite toys. We also ask our customers to pack bedding and linens for their pet.

If you have any questions or requests about our pet boarding, kindly reach out to us. We’re more than glad to give you the information you need before you drop your pets off.

Let Us Care for Your Pet

M&M is your go-to pet care service provider. We are a team of dedicated animal lovers who provide the utmost care and compassion for all pets we work with. To give you peace of mind, we offer a complimentary tour of our facility and a one-day trial for first-time customers. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our pet boarding service.